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Every student deserves the chance to excel. At G.O.A.L. (Green Options for Autism of Lucas County), we provide that opportunity for young learners living with autism. Our students have immense potential, and they thrive when they have access to an environment that meets their unique needs. Our autism school in Toledo, OH, treats their capabilities with respect and prepares them for practical situations in the real world.

We also offer day programs for adults with autism. These resources have a similar goal of equipping participants with valuable skills that help them take ownership of their lives and earn a sense of accomplishment. With compassionate instructors who value each student, our school is the perfect place for people with autism to grow.

A Unique Approach

What sets us apart from many similar organizations is our focus on community work and functional job skills. Using technology, visual aids, and project-based learning, we teach independence and communication skills in a way that’s accessible and empowering for our students. The success we achieve as an autism model school comes from our unique philosophy, dedicated staff, and talented learners.

If a child or adult in your life could benefit from our work, consider how life and career skills could change their available opportunities. Our day program and student academy welcome new participants, so reach out today for more information on our school.

Barb and Dennis at G.O.A.L., an Autism Organization in Toledo, OH Jeanie and Patrick at G.O.A.L., an Autism Organization in Toledo, OH

Contact us to get involved in our day program or enroll your child in G.O.A.L. Academy.

(419) 720-4350

Our Mission

G.O.A.L. will provide a flexible day/vocational program for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities to develop job skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and self-determined job opportunities to increase independence.

G.O.A.L. Academy will provide for the educational, social, emotional, and sensory needs for all students to help them grow.


(419) 720-4350

Hours of Operation
Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

1660 Amesbury Rd
Toledo, OH 43612

Service Area
Lucas County and Surrounding Areas