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Green Options for Autism of Lucas County LLC

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Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Learning & Working Together

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(419) 720-4350

A Dedicated School for Kids with Autism in Toledo, OH

Your youngster has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and you want them to have the best education possible. We believe that opportunity is available to students, such as your child, at our school for kids with autism in Toledo, OH.

The school name is Green Options for Autism of Lucas County LLC (G.O.A.L. Academy). We cater to autistic students from ages 3 to 22. We start youngsters out with an emphasis on social interaction, which can be a struggle for youngsters with autism as they often prefer to play by themselves. We also focus on language skills and the basics of numbers, letters, colors, etc., as teachers do in any elementary classroom.

Teaching Our Students

Our teachers treat each of our students as individuals as autism is a spectrum disorder where children are vastly different from how they function with the outside world. There are some basics that we observe in our school for kids with autism that include:

  • Ensuring the classroom is calm, clean, and decorated to avoid sensory overload
  • Using concrete language that aligns with autistic student thinking
  • Teaching and modeling social skills
  • Keeping a consistent setting and routine from the classroom to recess to the daily schedule

Our Mission

G.O.A.L. will provide a flexible day/vocational program for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities to develop job skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and self-determined job opportunities to increase independence.

G.O.A.L. Academy will provide for all students' educational, social, emotional, and sensory needs to help them grow.


(419) 720-4350

Hours of Operation
Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

1660 Amesbury Rd
Toledo, OH 43612

Service Area
Lucas County and Surrounding Areas

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                                                                              Benefits to Employers

By offering employment to children and adults with autism, your company will gain a wide range of benefits. All of our individuals perform up to or exceed standards,

have an excellent work ethic, and are punctual with no absenteeism. We will also help your business in other ways.

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