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School for Students With Autism in Toledo, OH

Individualized for Each Student's Needs

Group Activity | School for Students With Autism in Toledo, OH

G.O.A.L. Academy is a school for students with autism in Toledo, OH. The academy serves students of all ages from 3 to 22 and provides a complete educational experience.

Early Learning

Our program begins with early intervention for children as young as three that focus on the development of social interaction, learning skills, and language skills needed to learn in a school setting. The curriculum focuses on teaching students the foundations of learning, such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, phonics, and fine motor development.

The School

As a school for students with autism, G.O.A.L. Academy operates according to Common Core standards and is an ODE-approved educational service for school-age students. A 1-to-4 student-to-staff ratio ensures that each student receives individual attention and support.

Our students rotate by homeroom to have the opportunity to learn from each other. They also participate in elective classes, such as technology, sign language, music, and art. We also have school clubs, such as drama and journalism. For students who are ready to try mainstream school but need a little extra support, we offer our inclusion program.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology plays an integral role in G.O.A.L. Academy, and our instructors use computers in the classroom in innovative ways. All students receive a personal Chromebook and develop computer literacy skills throughout their education.

Apply Today

We now take applications for enrollment. We accept autism scholarships, Level 1 and IO waivers, and individual budgets.

Contact us for more information about our school for students with autism.

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